The Problem

With the growing popularity (and necessity) of content-driven web sites on the Internet, production crews have a tough job of getting product online and on time. What is needed is a software solution that is robust enough to handle the nuts-and-bolts of page generation and still be simple to use and administer.

The Solution

PrensaLibre (in English: "Free Press") is a program designed to automate the page-generation and administration needs of a small- to medium-sized web site. It can be installed and running with very little effort on any system that offers server-side scripting in Perl, a widely used programming language.

In principle it is designed to publish electronic newspapers and magazines, and even utilizes some of the terminology used in the publishing industry. In addition to creating your HTML documents PrensaLibre also offers services that can help enhance the delivery of your publication, such as generating text bulletins for delivery by electronic mail, allows mobile access to your publication (cellular telephone or PDA) using WAP support, as well as the generation of syndication services using RSS technology.

PrensaLibre uses a web-based interface for all aspects of its operation, taking you from the content creation and editing phase to the publication and distribution phase, and allows you to manage your content in real time. The template-based document layout is fully customizable and fully Web-administered. There is also no need for database server, as all articles are stored in a flat file format. The software and documentation are currently available in Spanish, with an English version coming soon.